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Wedding Party


Kanako Imai, the Matron of Honor, is Akiko's older sister. While growing up together, Akiko always looked up to her sociable and athletic sister, so it came to Akiko naturally to have Kanako by her side for this special day. Kanako lives in Ichinomiya, Japan with her husband Hideshi, son Kazumi, and daughter Ruriko.

Namika Sagara and Akiko became close friends while working on their masters at the University of Oregon. They spent many nights watching episodes of Friends and sipping wine. As luck would have it, Namika now lives in Richie's home state, which allows them to hang out every time there's a trip to NC.

Denise Kathleen 
Anderson is one of Akiko's first friends in New York, having met in their first year at NYU. With her open mind and boundless energy, Denise has introduced Akiko to interesting friends and unexpected NYC experiences. In fact, she played a significant part in bringing Akiko and Richie together. Denise still lives in NYC, and they hang out between Denise's adventures.


Jonathan Woodbury, the Best Man, is Richie's brother, so they've definitely known each other a long time. They both play the trumpet and work with computers, so they can easily spend hours talking about music, technology, or just "talking shop". Jonathan lives in Raleigh, NC, where, much to Richie's envy, he can parkdrive his electric car.

Brian Andrews and Richie met while in high school, and became fast friends when they discovered they were both licensed amateur radio operators. Before Richie moved to NYC, they frequently visited the city to see amazing concert performances and to enjoy fine dining. Brian lives in Cary, NC with his wife Danica and baby daughter Nadia.

Joel Ebel and Richie first met while Joel was in youth orchestra with Jonathan, but they really became friends when Joel joined Richie's wind ensemble in Raleigh some years later. Joel and Richie spent many long nights discussing technology and working on projects. Joel lives in Granite Falls, NC with his wife Rebecca, son Jonathan, and baby daughter Allison.


今井科奈子(メイトロン オブ オナー)は亜樹子のお姉さん。子供の頃、亜樹子は人気者で運動神経抜群のお姉ちゃんにいつも憧れていました。ですから、この特別な日にお姉さんに一緒にいてほしいというのは亜樹子には本当に自然な選択でした。科奈子は現在、旦那さんの日出司さん、息子の一海君、娘の瑠璃子ちゃんと一宮市に住んでいます。